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NetApp FAS2554 Filer Head (Controller) Enterprise Storage System

NetApp FAS2554 Filer Head (Controller)

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NetApp FAS2554 Filer Head (Controller)

  • NetApp FAS2554 Filer Head (Controller) Enterprise Storage System NetApp FAS2554 Filer Head (Controller) Enterprise Storage System
  • NetApp FAS2554 Filer Head (Controller) Enterprise Storage System - back NetApp FAS2554 Filer Head (Controller) Enterprise Storage System - back

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NetApp FAS2554 Enterprise Storage System

Maximum Raw Capacity (HA): 576TB
Maximum Disk Drives: 144
Maximum Internal Drives: 24
Controller Form Factor: 4U
Max Memory: 36GB
Disk Type: NL-SAS, SAS, SATA
Disk Form Factor: 2.5", 3.5"
Host Connectivity: 16Gb Fibre Channel (FC), 10Gb Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE), 1GbE, 10GbE
Storage Protocols Supported: CIFS (NAS), Fibre Channel (FC), Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE), NFS (NAS), iSCSI (IP SAN)
Supported RAID: RAID 4, RAID 6 (RAID-DP)

*Available in Single or Dual Controller ('C' Cluster / 'A' Active-Active / 'HA' High-Availability). Ask for pricing with disks. Call for Details and Pricing



The NetApp FAS2500 series Hybrid storage arrays provide more value for your money than any other system in its class. Every FAS2554 hybrid storage array includes unified support for NAS or SAN workloads and can be configured as a hybrid or an all-flash system to meet specific price or performance goals.

The FAS2554 is equipped for higher capacity needs and is a great fit for mid-sized organizations, Windows applications and virtual server consolidation with multiple workloads. The FAS2554 is also ideal for customers who require I/O flexibility, cost-effective large capacity systems.

You don't need to be a storage expert to deploy and manage NetApp storage systems. The FAS2500 series offers a powerful range of technologies to help reduce complexity and increase the efficiency of your storage administrators. FAS2500 series has a 3x faster System Setup, allows you to easily manage 2-3 times more storage, and quickly tune and troubleshoot virtual server environments with ease on the fly.

FAS2554 Technical Specifications

Scale-Out Specifications
NAS/SAN Scale-Out 1-8 Nodes (4 HA Pairs)

Maximum Drives


Maximum Raw Capacity


Maximum Flash Pool


Maximum Memory


Cluster Interconnect

Per HA Pair Specifications (Active-Active Dual Controller)
Maximum Drives 144
Maximum Raw Capacity 576
Controller Form Factor 4U/24 Drives
ECC Memory 36GB
Maximum Flash Pool 4TB
Onboard I/O: UTA 2 (8Gb FC / 16Gb FC / FCoE / 10GbE) 8
Onboard I/O: 10G Base-T N/A
Onboard I/O: GbE 4
Onboard I/O: 6Gb SAS 4
OS Version Data ONTAP 8.2.2 or Later
Storage Protocols Supported FCP, iSCSI, NFS, CIFS, FCoE
Host/Client Operating Systems Supported Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Windows XP, Linux, Oracle Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, Mac OS, VMware, ESX
Additional Technical Specifications for Single and HA Configurations
Maximum Raw Capacity (HA) 576TB
Recommended Min Raw Capacity Array LUNs (GB) N/A
Absolute Min Raw Capacity Array LUNs (GB) N/A
Maximum Storage Devices (HA) 144 Disks
Max DS2246 Shelves (HA) 5
Max DS4243 Shelves (HA) 5
Max DS4246 Shelves (HA) 5
Max DS4486 Shelves (HA) N/A
Max DS14-Class Shelves (HA) N/A
Max Nodes per Cluster (NAS) Not Supported
Max Nodes per Cluster (SAN) Not Supported
Aggregate Size 32 bit (TiB) 16
Aggregate Size 64 bit (TiB) 120
Min Size for an Array LUN Aggregate (GB) N/A
Flex Volume Size 32 bit (TiB) 16
Flex Volume Size 64 bit (TiB) 60
Max Infinite Volume Data Constituent Size (TiB) Not Supported
Max Volume Count (Single) 1000
Max Array LUN Size (GB) N/A
Min Array LUN Size (GB) N/A
Min Array LUN Size - Root Volume (GB) N/A
Min Root Volume Size (Single/HA) 250GB / 250GB
Spare Core Array LUN Min Size (GB) N/A
Max RAID Groups in an Aggregate N/A
Block Size (Bytes) N/A
Chassis Height 7.05"
Chassis Width 17.70"
Chassis Depth 21.94"
Rack Units (Single/HA) 4U/4U
Operating Temperature Range 50°F to 104°F
Storage Temperature Range -40° to 158°F
Input Power Voltage 100v to 120v, 200v to 240v
Processor (Single) 1x 64-bit 2-core with HT 1.73Ghz
Memory (Single/HA) 18GB/36GB
NVRAM (Single) 1.25GB (NVMEM)
Ethernet Ports (Single) 2x RJ45 (1Gbps)
Fibre Channel Ports (Single) N/A
UTA2 Ports (Single) 4x SFP+ (16Gbps)
Expansion Slots (Single) N/A
SAS Ports (Single) 2x QSFP (6Gbps)
Max Back-End FC Loops (HA) 1
Min Version of Data ONTAP 7 N/A
Min Version of Data ONTAP 8 (both modes) 8.2.2RC1, 8.3RC1
Max Version of Data ONTAP 8 (both modes) 8.2.4, 8.3.2RC1

Ask about our NetApp Disk Shelves! We can create custom Turn-Key configurations based on your needs!

Additional Information

Manufacturer NetApp
Mfg Part Number(s) FAS2554
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